EVA 2333 Furnace

Main differentials

  • 100% brazilian project
  • Quick assembly
  • Best market customer service
  • Best cost benefit ratio
  • Post assembly training
  • Remote customer service
  • Electrostatic paint
  • Comply with brazilian regulations

Innovation and technology in glass lamination!

The lamination furnace FL233 is an automated equipment for glass processing. The equipment performs lamination in flat glass with max. Dimensions of 2300x3300mm. It has an automatic open/close system,
lower consumption of energy and higher performance, ease of use with touch screen panel, manual and automatic commands acording with Brazilian Regulations NR10 and NR12, aprox. Demand of 22kVA.

Other Market Differentials

  • Fair price;
  • High technology and quality market differential
  • Equipment components are, in the majority commercially used worldwide
  • Electrostatic Paint
  • Mechanical Parts Simplicity
  • Dedicated Software developed entirely in Brazil
  •  Lower Electrical Energy Consumption
  • Electrical Pannel assembled with high quality components
  • Remote Customer Service
  • Work System Reliability
  • Comply with Brazilian Regulations.