Horizontal tempering furnace for flat glass

Standard Convection

Competitive Differentials

  • 100% Brazilian Project
  • Quick Assembly
  • Best Market Customer Service
  • Special Measurements according with client necessity
  • Best Cost-Benefit Ratio
  • The most economic in the market
  • Post Assembly Training
  • Electrical Energy Monitoring
  • Remote Service

More than an oven, a business solution.

The Horizontal tempering furnace for flat glass is a Best Seller in Brazil. The success is pushing boundaries and making the product gain ground in world stage. The biggest differential is the total client focus.
Countless changes and innovations were developed with user feedback. From the beginning, the biggest concern was fitting the client’s necessity.
The equipment is built in module system, which allows a quick assembly and avoids hassle during in the installation.

Outros diferenciais de mercado

  • Fair price
  • Accessories with market differential quality and technology
  • Components used in the equipment, the vast majority of them for commercial use
    all around the world.
  • Electrostatic paint
  • Mechanical parts simplicity
  • Independent motorization system
  • Computer commanded hydraulic system
  • UPS exclusive system (avoids waste in case of electrical shortage)
  • Edicated software developed in Brazil
  • Lower electrical energy demand
  • Horough furnace temperature monitoring
  • High quality electrical panel
  • Remote customer service
  • Work system reliability

Additional information about the equipment

Energy Feeding Table

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The feeding table is designed for the optimization of the oven’s load. It has side rollers in massive rubber, supporting components for glasses with large dimensions, facilitating the handling power of it. Pedals and automatic starter keys are the differentials of SGlass equipment, making the work easier for the operator.

Heating Cell

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The oven’s heating cell was developed taking into account the quality and facility in the flat glass tempering process. The cell maintains the desired temperature, with a system of elements (electric resistances) with appropriately calculated powers at all positions within the hot runner, making the internal heating. High quality silica rollers are used.

Tempering Section/ Cooling

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Produced with reinforced carbon steel frame with 5mm thick and epoxy paint (liquid). It is subdivided into flexible components called flutes that can be moved as desired (up and down) through air pressure control. The air flutes are designed to provide a quality temper. The dual air intake fan for noise reduction is equipped with high-efficiency motor, being driven by frequency inverters ensuring quality combined with energy savings. Autoclave has a sign on the cooling output, which is an item number and facilitates the work of operators.

Discharge Table (Output)

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The discharge table is designed to facilitate the work of the operator; therefore, it has a manual activation button. It also has a motor reducer which ensures greater independent optimization of the machine, and drive shafts, galvanized steel pulleys and belts made of polyurethane. The table has sensors that indicate and control the glasses for load output in the oven.


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Ultra modern Software owned by SGlass. The program is designed to provide efficient heating combined with electricity savings, and easy operation. It uses a security program that does not let the temperature of the hot cell exceed the amounts considered dangerous or harmful to the machine.


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All procedures can be performed in a practical and easy way. Some controls are: Programmable Control setting for start and end of heating. Visual control in analysis screen for systems enabled to operate. Roller drive controls that switchable between manual and automatic. Temperature control. Automatic or Manual Process control. Air pressure control. Control alerts (sound and light) in certain indicators showing a possible non-compliance on the operation.

Backup data parameters (Recipes)

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Backup data parameters (Recipes) are fed on process parameters (standard recipes), such as colors of glass, thicknesses and different types, according to the need, with the technical specification of the equipment. These recipes can be changed at any time and must be saved in the computer for future search and operator use.

Technical Assistance

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The Technical Assistance of SGlass is considered one of its great advantages in the market. The company has highly trained technicians with over 15 years’ experience in toughened glass and provides on-site training, phone and remote service by internet. SGlass offers all necessary support, seeking to help in various doubts about the process in an easy and fast way.

Oil Unit

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Oil System – Hydraulic with safety valves (relief) embedded and high-quality directional valves. It has a suction filter for cleaning oil-hydraulic system or externally from the equipment. It is possible to manually adjust the elevation of the hydraulic actuators, both in advance and in return.

Gear system

Mesa de AlimentaçãoWith dual belt.
Independent power system in each module.

New system of bearings – pulleys – belts

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New system of bearings and rolling bearings in silica.

New system of high quality pulleys.

Injected conveyor belts without amendments.

New entrance door

Mesa de Alimentação New entrance door and furnace exit opening system.

Convection system

With the new convection system, the glass heats up faster, as the moving air removes the thin layer of hot air stored in the upper part of the heating chamber, which otherwise would need more time to reach the glass. By moving hot air quickly, the glass heats up the top faster, by operate at a lower temperature than a conventional furnace, or by shortening the process time. Air circulation, or convection, tends to eliminate the “hot spots” and there fore the glass becomes more uniform. With this new concept, it is possible to pass all types of glasses that we have in the market, including low-e glass 0.02.


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Fans’ engine is made in Brazil and has excellent quality. It is started by a frequency inverter that provides electrical energy savings and quality of the final product.

Uninterruptible power supply

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In case of power failure, the SGlass oven has a new and modern UPS (no break), which ensures the continued operation of the hot runner rollers. This new equipment includes a digital display power indicator (VA), voltage (V), current (A), failures and batteries autonomy. The power supply has a database of 12 stationary batteries 70Ah each, which gives a battery life of 10 hours of oven on stand-by.

Trays gusset trays

Mesa de AlimentaçãoFor easy access, easy operation for operators.

Technical Specifications