Horizontal tempering
furnace for
flat glass 


Competitive Differentials

  • 100% Brazilian Project
  • Quick Assembly
  • Best Market Customer Service
  • Special Measurements according with client necessity
  • Best Cost-Benefit Ratio
  • The most economic in the market
  • Post Assembly Training
  • Electrical Energy Monitoring
  • Remote Service

More than an oven, a business solution

The Horizontal tempering furnace for flat glass is a Best Seller in Brazil. The success is pushing boundaries and making the product gain ground in world stage. The biggest differential is the total client focus.
Countless changes and innovations were developed with user feedback. From the beginning, the biggest concern was fitting the client’s necessity.
The equipment is built in module system, which allows a quick assembly and avoids hassle during in the installation.

Other market differentials

  • Fair price
  • Accessories with market differential quality and technology
  • Electrostatic paint
  • Mechanical parts simplicity
  • Independent motorization system
  • Computer commanded hydraulic system
  • No-break exclusive system (avoids waste in case of electrical shortage)
  • Edicated software developed in Brazil
  • Lower electrical energy demand
  • Horough furnace temperature monitoring
  • High quality electrical panel
  • Remote customer service
  • Work system reliability
  • Comply with brazilian regulations

Additional information about the equipment

Technical Specifications